Products Which Lead To Yellowing Of Teeth

Coffee and cigarettes are not the only products which can spoil the natural whitening of your teeth. There are many foods which can affect the appearance of your teeth. Some of these products are harmful and they can make your teeth to become yellow/ such food should be removed from your regular diet. However, all these foods are not dangerous- some of them have a lot of minerals and vitamins. This means that excluding them from your diet can negatively affect your health. There are many ways which can help in minimizing the harm brought by these foods. The information below will help you in determining the products which can save your dental hygiene. It is going to guide you in improving your menu and avoid the foods which lead to yellowing of teeth.

Cola drinks, sports beverages, and soda

These drinks are loaded with different acids some of which can ruin your teeth’s enamel. Surprisingly, some of the sports drinks are very dangerous since they have a lot of acids.

Black tea

This tea is rich in tannins, a product which stains teeth. Your teeth are more likely to get worse if your combine this tea with other products. Green tea should be taken as a suitable replacement for black tea.

White and red wine

These wines contain tanine. Tanine has harmful effects on the teeth. This product is known for staining one’s teeth.


Spices have bright colours which can lead to staining and yellowing of teeth.

Fruit juices and fruits

The products are beneficial to the body. They should always be included in your diet. However, it is important to brush your teeth after meals to avoid the colouring associated with these juices.

Sweet candies

Refined sugars are harmful to your teeth and the general health of your body. Sucking or chewing candies for long can harm your teeth. This problem can be minimized by chewing sugar-free chewing gums. However, these gums are also known to contain other substitutes which are also harmful or dangerous for your teeth.

How to protect your teeth colour

The following are the effective ways which should be utilized to protect the colour of your teeth.
Rinsing the mouth with water-this will help in washing away the colouring elements and acids
Covering the teeth with saliva-This is done immediately after rinsing the teeth with water. This is an effective natural protection technique. These procedures should be practiced regularly to maintain the natural colour of the teeth.