Choosing a dentist and common dental services

Dental care is not limited to maintaining healthy teeth but extends to oral hygiene (to prevent dental disorders) and oral surgery (undergoing surgery of the jaw bones to modify dentition). So, when you visit dentist Hamilton, you will likely be lectured on some common services that can be performed such as:



Braces do not just help to achieve a beautiful smile; they play a major role in teeth alignment or straightening to shift the teeth into their rightful position. Braces consist of small metal brackets fused together by elastics and archwires which place the pressure to correct rotated teeth. Moving teeth in a patient’s mouth to the rightful position is quite a challenging task, hence the use of archwires to gently reposition them.


Fillings and repair

Cavities are very common and quite less difficult to repair. For cavity treatment, the decayed part of the tooth will be removed to be replaced or filled’. Filling a tooth is required to repair a cracked, broken or too


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves using a peroxide-based material to whiten the teeth which have suffered discoloration due to some food consumption habits such as tea and coffee intake. Also, the
teeth get darker naturally as we age, so almost everyone is a potential candidate for teeth whitening.



Extracting a tooth is quite a common practice that brings relief. A tooth decay is often accompanied by pain, causing discomfort and sleepless nights for the patient. In such a case, the most reliable remedy is to extract the tooth from its socket in the bone for permanent relief.


Root Canals

This is a treatment for a badly decayed tooth. During the process, the nerve and pulp are removed to take out the infection from inside the teeth which may have resulted in swelling on the face, neck or head. This will require the patient to take an x-ray to determine the depth of infection in the bone and to see the shape of the root canal.


Bridges and implants

These include replacing a lost tooth due to an injury, periodontal disease or any other similar reason. Dental implants are artificial replacements positioned into the jawbone to act as an anchor for teeth replacement. They improve appearance, feeding habits, speech, comfort, and self-esteem.



Bonding is a process used to improve the appearance of a discolored, fractured, decaying or chipped tooth. The dentist uses a special tooth-colored plastic directly on the damaged or discolored teeth to whiten them. The process can also be used to close up tooth gaps.


Crowning and capping

These procedures are done to improve the appearance of damaged and cracked teeth. The crowns, made from porcelain and metal are positioned above the gum line of the tooth to add strength and protect the teeth from further damage.



This is a protection against impending decay or bacteria. It is a thin plastic coating that protects the enamel from bacteria, applied exclusively to molars and premolars.


These procedures are performed only by certified dentists after which you must have visited once or twice and have undergone the necessary checks or x-rays where applicable. It is always
advisable to choose a professional based on a recommendation and you can always find a certified dentist in Hamilton.