Best irons for beginners

From a distance, one can admire people playing golf. It looks easy and enjoyable. However, the golfer himself knows that there is a price for the fun. There are many challenges that one has to overcome when playing golf. One of the most challenging ones is finding the best club. The exercise is even harder when you are new to the game. On appearance, all the golf iron tend to look alike. On the specification, clubs are completely different from each other. There is a large variety of golf iron in the market. There are no defined criteria that one can use to get the best club. Different people have different preferences. However, there are tips that can help you get that club that fits you in the game.

Center of gravity

2The center of gravity is that position on the club which the weight of the whole club is concentrated thus if the club was balanced of that point either side of the club would balance. In simpler terms, it is the balancing point of the club. The position of the center of gravity affects the stability of the club. As the general rule of stability, the lower the center of gravity the higher the stability. A club has most of its weight concentrated on the lower side towards the head. The head carries most of the weight thus the center of gravity should be somewhere near the head. The weight should be distributed around the perimeter. An even distribution of the weight around the perimeter will enable the position of the center of gravity to be lower. A lower center of gravity enables the club to be more stable. This makes the game enjoyable and easier.

Material of the club

3The golf iron can be divided into two: the head and the shaft. Both the material of the head and shaft are very important. A combination of the good material of the head and the shaft is what every player wants. The head should be made of a hard material. The head is the part that comes into contact with the ball. Its material should be stiff. It should be able to control the heat that emanates from ball propelling. Some heads are made of steel. Others are made from a cast. The steel head is more advisable. It is more stiff and heavier. A heavier head is suitable for slow swingers. It will give that forgiving knock. Cast on the other side is known for its ability to control the heat emanating from the action of the club on the ball. The material of the head should allow a perimeter weighted design. This will help lower the position of the center of gravity.

The material of the shaft is also very important aspect of the club. Steel and graphite are the ideal materials to manufacture the shaft. Most golfers prefer steel shaft. They are heavier than the graphite one. The steel shaft is ideal for professional golfers. The steel shaft is the ideal for more mescaline people. Graphite shaft is ideal for children and ladies. To learn more, check http://hittingthegolfball.com/best-golf-irons-for-beginners/.