Assisted living – who needs help?

There comes a time when the younger generation is obliged to take care of an aging loved one. The degree and type of care vary considerably depending on variables like age and health status. Taking good care of an aging senior can be a significant boost towards their health, which will undoubtedly add them a couple of years.


If you have a loved suffering from a condition like Alzheimer’s disease, you might not be very sure about what to do. In such a case, the only option is to take them to an assisted living facility like Ace Companion Care. Ideally, the decision to continue taking care of them depends on their physical and emotional health.

Assisted living facility

What is an assisted living facility? This a licensed homes dedicated to providing guardian care and attention. Some facilities have certified nurses and other professionals dedicated to offering maximum care to elders in this facility. Some of the services offered in these homes include bathing, administering medication, and taking meals among others.

Possible indicators of the need assisted living

Who needs assisted living services? You need to know that not everyone qualifies to live in this facilities. In fact, the decision to take someone to these homes is at times met with severe opposition. Here are some indicators of a possible admission to an assisted living facility.


Physical disability comes with profound limitations. Seniors with some disability experience marked difficulties when performing simple tasks. As such, you need to have someone besides them to help them with these essential services.

Deteriorating health

Some health conditions require constant monitoring. Since most people are unable to commit themselves fully towards offering these services, the best option is to let someone in a position to attend to them better than you. Life-threatening conditions like stroke, heart attack, fractures, are some of the possible indicators that your loved needs expert care from a nursing home.

Alzheimer’s Disease

aSassDAlzheimer’s Disease is a common condition among seniors. Some common red flags for this disease include the inability to remember simple instructions, poor communication and also refusal to take medication. It is one of those conditions that are not treatable or preventable. Seniors suffering from this form of dementia should be attended by professional cares givers who understand their needs.

Choosing a primary care facility for your senior can be beneficial in many ways. This is especially true if you have other commitments to attend to. As much as you might not wish to take your loved one to this “homes”, it gets to a point when it is surely the best remaining option.