Amazing Qualities Of a Yoga Teacher

A good yoga teacher will always have a positive impact on his trainees. He or she can aspire and uplift you. Such a teacher can greatly help you to rejuvenate and relax. In addition to that, an amazing yoga trainer can help you in pushing through some of the mental barriers. Described below are the super qualities which an awesome yoga teacher should have.

They can connect with every person in their class

A good teacher should be capable of leading a class of 40 effectively just like the one of 5. This means that everyone should feel connected when being trained by such a teacher.

They have powerful words

The voice of a yoga teacher is very powerful. He or she should be capable of directing a group of students out and in of postures by just using words. Even though it can be challenging at times, the use of words is helpful in maintaining the flow of a class. The use of words in clear and smooth way is one of the trademarks of a quality teacher

They are ego-less

Every yoga teacher understands that a class is not meant for his or her practice. Instead, the class is meant to support and lead the students. You will always find yoga teachers teaching and demonstrating postures which are most suitable for the level of their classes. An ego-less teacher is always happy and willing to share knowledge and wisdom openly.

They respect and love yoga

Yoga is a practice which works on the human spirit, body, and mind. Its holistic approach is the one which differentiates it with the normal stretching class. A quality teacher will find it easy when balancing between the esoteric and physical. Their deep respect and love can be a great source of inspiration and energy for their students.


They are always prepared

This point can be a debatable one. Some teachers love a spontaneous mode of teaching while others love preparing and planning for a specific class. Either way, the yoga teacher will be capable of delivering the best for his or her students. Preparing for a yoga class will also involve arriving early, creating a favourable environment and creating the scene.


A certified yoga instructor is capable of adjusting his or her teaching based on the audience. Such an instructor has a flexible plan which can be adjusted to cater for the needs of his or her audience. Flexibility is also healthy for your body.